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It tells me to select the Cube World folder, but there is none. I need to have the game installed for that shit. Yep, got it to work.

Planned: Mac OS X

It lags sometimes, but not as bad as the other ones. I can probably play this until I get a new PC or they release an officially supported Mac version, whichever comes first. Yeah, but I'm talking serious frame drops for simply trying to load chunks. But it's just sometimes. It'd work best on bootcamp, but that'd be a huge pain for a singular game. So yeah, that's probably your best bet.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. CubeWorld comments. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. It simply proxies and serves content from your site via their own servers to offer a better experience globally if it's possible, i. I would bet that new builds will be stored somewhere completely different. Not on their website's web-server, but perhaps rather in some private repository of their development builds.

When they're "done" and ready to make a release, they'll probably then upload the release version to their web server. This entire https: Here's all the files I know of: Have you tried downloading the. Judging by the name, it sounds like there could be newer versions of the game inside that path. You would think think so, but currently the package. The 3rd release is also in there, if you know the GUID.

The thing is if there's future updates "hidden" in there whats the point of uploading them if its only him and his wife using them? So maybe they aren't there? Screenshots are located at https: I mean it kind of is but honestly if he's dumb enough to store it in a publicly accessible place then he should expect it to get found. Found something else https: This Cube.

It isn't new. When I download the CubeSetup2.

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It opens cubeworld but then closes itself. Does anybody have a fix?

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The game is failing its DRM check, so it won't run. It needs a byte file called 'db. The very first cube world version also used the MAC address of the primary network card, but this was removed as the code was extremely buggy.

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Wow, this is pretty interesting. We should all keep searching to see if he has any other files uploaded. Im sure there are some other interesting stuff. Maybe even the new update is there somewhere. The only tricky part is to find the name of it. I think it should be somewhere in https: For instance in https: I'm thinking the same things exactly.

No luck yet though, sadly, I've only found a few useless images.

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  4. This is quite interesting however, it is incredibly hard to find anything. We don't know what he names his test versions, where he places them or pretty much anything to be fair. Wollay is currently posting previews of the upcoming update on his Instagram. There is no ETA for the update, no regular information coming from the developer and we can only assume it is a long ways away and that's IF it is ever released. Design by Cryptonaut using a customized version of Naut.

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    How to run Cube World on Mac self. I'm here to give you a relatively simple tutorial on how to build a Wineskin Winery wrapper for all the Mac users out there! I love making wrappers for games, and figured it's time to share how to make some of them. I'll be posting wrappers for other games in their respective subreddits once I get around to it.

    I won't post an already created wrapper download link. I believe you should learn to do things yourself, and not be lazy and wait for someone else to do the work for you. That being said, I've done my best to make my instructions easy to follow, with names and locations of the buttons to press. You need your own copy of Cube World. The wrapper won't work without it, as by itself a Wineskin wrapper is just the translator between two computer "languages'.

    Playing on mac? : CubeWorld

    Download Wineskin Winery by going to this site and clicking the large "Click me to download" link. If not greyed out, click the "Update" button above the "Download Packages Manually" button. Wineskin will prompt you to install Mono a replacement for. NET and Gecko a browser engine. Cancel both of these installs, and click the blue "Open in Finder" button when Wineskin finishes creating your new wrapper. Then, close Wineskin Winery.

    Once that's done, click "Advanced", then "Tools", then "Winetricks". Search "vcrun" in the top search bar, click the arrow next to "dlls", then check the box next to "vcrun". Now click "Run" and then click "Run" again in the popup window, accepting the license agreement and clicking "Install". If you see something like this status number can vary:. Then, repeat this step from the beginning.

    Now click "Run", and then click "Run" again in the popup window. And that's it! Click "Done", quit Wineskin.